Friday, September 21, 2012

Eighty Five Dollar Bill Cookies

We recently celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday in Canada and of course my contribution was in cookie form. I had planned to do photo cookies but didn't have many options with the selection of photos I got so I thought, why not make money cookies? You don't need a great  photo for money cookies. And who doesn't love money?! I wanted to do Canadian money but couldn't find anything that I could easily Photoshop in 15 minutes or less so eventually I found an $85 dollar bill image which I thought was perfect - thank you Ocho Cinco! Anyway, here's to putting your money where your mouth is...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Ninjago Cookies

It's Ninjago madness over here with nonstop Ninjago requests! This time I made cookies of just the heads because they ship better than the original Ninjago cookies I've done in the past (which can be seen here) and they are less time consuming.

Kai Head Cookie

Lloyd the "Green Ninja" Head Cookie

Now can someone tell me when the next new episode of Ninjago premieres? Did Lloyd get to live out his childhood after all since the mega weapon never existed? Hmm...

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