Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheers! Beer Bottle Cookies for a 40th Birthday & Logo Cookies

This was a rough week but we'll blame it on mercury being in retrograde - crazy things are supposed to happen when mercury is in retrograde like mix ups, missed emails, and things being late. That pretty much summed up this week.

Anyway, these beer bottle cookies were made for a 40th birthday party for my designer who did my logo and website. She wanted to do manly cookies or cookies with her husband's photo so I suggested doing beer bottles. Since she is a designer and actually does a lot of food packaging, I thought it would be great if she designed a beer label with her husband's face on it. I wanted to do an amber colored beer bottle but couldn't figure out how to get that beer bottle look so I just ended up doing a dark brown which went better with the labels anyway. I also wanted to give the bottle some shine but I was having trouble matching the label to the luster dust colors that I had so I just went with a dark brown "bottle sheen" which is too bad because I feel like it is missing a contrast color. I also painted the bottle caps to give it a more metal look. Anyway here they are.

These were some other edible image cookies/school themed cookies I did for Benefit Cosmetics. I think it was for some sort of educational new product launch event they were doing for SEPHORA. They wanted the "Benefit ♥'s SEPHORA" image on the apple but I thought it would look better on notebook paper. They also wanted some glitter in there so they ended up on the apple cookies. And I guess if you're going to have notebook paper cookies you need a pencil cookie to go with it.

Somehow I managed to find ribbon that matched the Benefit pink color - it was a really good match actually and I used to do press checks so I know about color...well sort of.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tiffany Inspired Cookie Week

I guess it's that time of year to get engaged...these monogram cookies and silver glitter heart cookies were for a Tiffany inspired engagement party.

Here are some pictures of their dessert table - lots of sugar here...yum!

And these cookies below were an engagement present. I think I should have cut out the centers of the diamond ring cookies.