Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding & Anniversary Cookies

I am getting a bit tired of making my wedding cake cookies with rosettes (which you can see here) but everyone seems to love them! At least most people do. So when a customer ordered cake cookies for her 25th anniversary party, I suggested a different flower (a swirl drop flower) to at least change it up from the usual desgin. I had never done drop flowers before but they looked super easy on YouTube! Unfortunatley, it wasn't that easy for me - I worked on the flowers for two hours before I finally got the technique right. Anyway, now I know how to make drop flowers! Thank God.

These were some other wedding cookies from a few months ago for a wedding in Saratoga - more cake cookies with rosettes with monogram G's and fleur de lis cookies.

Here's a shot of the dessert table

60th Birthday Martini Cookies

I was asked to do a last minute order of martini cookies for a 60th birthday party and as I was looking at martini images, I found an image of a logo for a 60th anniversary where they used the olive as the "0". So I thought, perfect! I wanted to add some shine to the glass but didn't have the time to do it with icing (I tried painting the shine on but it just didn't stand out enough). Anyway, I think they came out well - I was happy with the shade of blue I ended up with for the glass and the toothpick wasn't lost in the blue icing which was another concern I had.

Here's an image of the logo.

Logo Cookies

Just a few random logo cookies.

Axiom Logo

Shopping Carts for a Google party

 Triple Aught Design's Paw Patch on Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Propel Fuels Logo