Sunday, February 10, 2013

SugarVeil Lace Wedding Dress Cookies

I really love the look of SugarVeil lace and want to take every opportunity I can to use my $75 mats but  I have really had a hard time working with SugarVeil. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong - my lace never seems to come out nicely and crumbles 75% of the time but I will continue to work with it because it adds such a nice touch to cookies, cakes, etc. I suppose it just takes lots of practice, practice, practice...

Since I typically work with cookies, it's usually not a big deal that I have small crumbled pieces of lace because I need to cut them into smaller pieces anyway. If I had to use the lace on a cake, it would be a different story. You can see my crumbled SugarVeil lace from a previous order here.

So even with all the trouble I have, I think my cookies still turn out fairly well. Here is a wedding dress cookie favor accented with SugarVeil lace below: