Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lego Ninjago Sensei Wu Cookies

We are really into Ninjago right now so when a customer ordered Kai cookies, I wanted to do some Sensei Wu cookies just for fun.

The Kai cookies can be seen here.

We are slowly collecting Ninjago toys since they are pretty hard to get (at a decent price anyway) and Sensei Wu was our first purchase. Now we have Zane, Jay, and Kai (we still need Cole but are waiting for the big birthday for that one). And if you didn't know, you could get them hair! I had to buy Zane and Jay's hair individually on eBay from people who just sell Lego hair!

You can get Zane's hair here.

You can get Jay's hair here.

Kai's hair is from the Sleepyhead minifigure which you can see here. I found the hair by itself but it was cheaper to buy the minifigure on eBay.

Cole's hair is hard to find on its own but he has the same hair as this skater guy's hair which you can see here.

Check out Jay and Zane with their hair...

Check out our Ninjago Birthday Party here.

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