Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding & Anniversary Cookies

I am getting a bit tired of making my wedding cake cookies with rosettes (which you can see here) but everyone seems to love them! At least most people do. So when a customer ordered cake cookies for her 25th anniversary party, I suggested a different flower (a swirl drop flower) to at least change it up from the usual desgin. I had never done drop flowers before but they looked super easy on YouTube! Unfortunatley, it wasn't that easy for me - I worked on the flowers for two hours before I finally got the technique right. Anyway, now I know how to make drop flowers! Thank God.

These were some other wedding cookies from a few months ago for a wedding in Saratoga - more cake cookies with rosettes with monogram G's and fleur de lis cookies.

Here's a shot of the dessert table


  1. beautiful! how do you make such perfect monograms?

    1. I just hand piped them (I have a kopykake projector) but you can get stencils for a similar look.