Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Thomas the Train Cookies

I did these new Thomas the Tank Engine Cookies for a two year old's birthday party and the customer specifically asked if I could do his nose a little different. Anyway she was right - I think Thomas looks much better with his new nose! I always felt that something was not right with his nose the first time I made these.

Here is Thomas before his "nose job"...

And here is Thomas after his "nose job"

Along with Thomas, I also did Railroad Crossing cookie pops and yellow Railroad sign cookie pops. I wanted to take a fun picture with these but I couldn't get them to stand up at 2am. Hopefully the customer will have some fun pictures from the party.


  1. These are amazing! If only I had the skill and patience...

  2. Hi! Which cookie cutter did you use for Thomas the Train???

  3. Hi Jennifer - I cut them by hand but I have seen people selling this shaped cutter. You can probably find it on Etsy.